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Looks on Campus: Athena – Cornell University

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Athena loc

It’s the start of a new semester here at Cornell! With temperatures regularly in the 20s, many students are struggling with beating the cold while still trying to look fashionable. When I saw Athena in the dining hall on the first day of classes, it was obvious that she had figured it out. Her look […]




5 Must-Have Items to Update Your Wardrobe for 2013


2013 fireworks e1358285798692 150x150

Photo Credit: jeff_golden New year, new wardrobe. At least, that’s my New Year’s resolution. Every year, once the holidays are good and over, I like to go on a closet reorganization spree, ditching last year’s fast fashions and stocking up on the latest trends. That’s when my checking account gets really mad at me. There […]



Would You Wear… an Embellished Sweater?


Fashion trend: Embellished sweaters

A LaROK cardigan and two street stylers rocking embellished sweaters. Photo Credits: 1, 2, 3 The doldrums of February are seldom inspiring. I find myself staring at each summer dress in my closet, fingers lingering on the breezy fabrics, yearning for warm weather, before I finally reach for yet another sweater. If you find yourself facing the […]