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3 Space-Saving Dorm Room “Hacks”

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Office space organized

Photo Credit When I first moved into my dorm room last year I was appalled at the lack of space. I left a lot of stuff at home since my mom lives in the same city as my university, but I still felt like there was nowhere to put my stuff. Eventually, my roommates and I got better […]




DIY Tutorial: Valentine’s Day-Themed Paint Chip Art

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Valentine's day paint chip art

Once February arrives, drugstores everywhere roll out an explosion of red and pink for Valentine’s Day. While the plethora of notecards and heart-shaped boxes might be cheesy, red and pink are actually two of my favorite colors, and I have been looking for a way to incorporate them into my decor without being overpoweringly girly. […]



How to Keep Your Dorm Room Safe and Secure


Cute dorm room decor

Photo Credit While away at college, your dorm room or apartment has likely become your sanctuary. It’s more than just a place to stay – your dorm becomes your home. You already clean up your space and probably have it decorated with cute pillows, posters, and bulletin boards, but what you might not think about is the fact […]