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DIY Tutorial: Beyoncé-Inspired Bunny Ears

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Bunny ears diy

I’ve noticed recently that animal ears have been popping up as hair accessories. Personally, I’m conflicted on this trend: they are cute, but perhaps they’re a little too silly for anyone older than twelve (though to be fair, the inner child is quite strong in me). However, I’m never one to shy away from a […]




DIY Tutorial: “Paint” Splatter Heels

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Paint splatter diy

Ever since I read this CF post on paintbrush and paint splatter prints, I can’t seem to get this spring trend out of my head. The trend reminds me of the work of American painter Jackson Pollock, an abstract expressionist artist. He created drip “action” paintings that weren’t meant to showcase artistic skill, but rather the […]




DIY Tutorial: Artsy & Bold Butterfly Heels


Butterfly heels

Today’s DIY will celebrate all that is fun and wonderful about spring into a pair of gorgeous heels. I decided to upcycle these old “prom-y” shoes (I wore them to my 8th grade graduation dance… that was 7 years ago!) and turn them into something modern and artful with a high-fashion flair. Read on to […]




DIY Tutorial: Saint Patrick’s Day Brooch


DIY shamrock brooch: Finished product

It’s finally March, and you know what that means… spring is just around the corner! But there’s something else that people are somewhat more excited for in March, too. No, I’m not talking about Pi Day nor the Ides of March (though those are also fun) – I’m talking about Saint Patrick’s Day. (But you […]