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DIY Tutorial: Faux Fur Vest

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Diy faux fur vest

Today’s post is inspired by some recent happenings in my life. First of all, I’ve been coveting every single fur piece that’s walked the runways, and even more so now that it’s begun to snow. However, my boyfriend and I have also adopted an adorable gunmetal gray bunny who has a rare-breed status due to […]




DIY 101: How to Make the Easiest Tassels Ever

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Diy tassels

Judging from their numerous appearances in the fashion world this season, I think tassels are here to stay. And while foraging around in the enormous heap of DIY materials that has replaced my bedroom floor, I stumbled across some fringe I had acquired in Paris. Eyeing the strands of satin string nearby, the creative gears […]



DIY Halloween Costume: Poison Ivy


Kim kardashian poison ivy costume

Kim Kardashian in a Poison Ivy costume. | Photo Credit: ELLE Here at CF, we are proud to admit that we’re a little geeky on the inside (okay, maybe a lot geeky). And what’s better than showing off our inner geek with a geeky Halloween costume? As the DIY columnist, I’m *obviously* going to DIY […]