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DIY Tutorial: Jeweled Holiday Clutch

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Finale3 diy jeweled clutch

I wish everyone a happy holidays! If you’ve read my posts in the past, you’ll notice that I absolutely adore the holidays and festive DIYs! The holiday season is also perfect for DIY-ing gifts. I know it’s the day after Christmas, but there are still plenty of moments when gift-giving is still afoot! For example, […]




DIY Tutorial: Headphone Earmuffs

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Finale diy earmuffs

Temperatures are rapidly dropping, and it’s mostly safe to say that winter is here! ‘Tis the season to break out warm, oversized snood scarves, cashmere-lined gloves, and knit beanies. Even though I usually wear my headphones, my ears always still end up freezing cold, and that’s how today’s DIY was born. Read on for the […]



DIY Tutorial: Glass Vial Pendant Necklace


Diy corked vial pendants finale

Until recently, my necklace collection was comprised solely of large, chunky, statement pieces; I didn’t have anything cute, small, and charming. However, all that changed when I spotted a collection of corked glass vials while shopping for craft supplies. My mental Pinterest board wandered to the boho-chic Etsy section, and I realized I could take […]