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3 Tech Accessories to Upgrade Your Desk Space


Laptop stand

Photo Credit Although many of us still prefer real books over Kindles and pen-and-paper over tablet-and-stylus, there’s no doubt that technology has played an absolutely staggering role in shaping our learning experiences through college and beyond. Long gone are the days when a notebook and pen were the only tools we had on hand during […]




Dorm Design 101: How to Mix Prints in Your Decor

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Living room with mixed prints

Photo: ELLE Decor When it comes to interior design, it’s so much fun to play with different textures and patterns. While the prospect of combining two wildly different prints in a small space (like a dorm or apartment) might seem like color overload, as long as you can find something in common between the two, […]



Design by Color: Dorm Design Inspired by the Color Gray

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Gray living room

Photo Courtesy of ELLE Decor No matter how you spell it, gray is a color that’s often overlooked in dorm design for its utter versatility and understated sophistication. (Personally, I’m partial to spelling it g-r-e-y. Blame Neopets and/or a lifetime obsession with anything and everything British!) Reminiscent of comfy fall sweaters and moody, stormy palettes, […]