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Shop Your Closet: 3 Halloween Costumes You Already Own

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Pumpkin trick or treat pails

Photo Credit Every year I have these great plans to come up with a creative costume and run around town one weekend to get everything I need. That has yet to happen. Usually the emotional and physical letdown from midterms gets in the way of my shopping plans, so I’ve gotten pretty good at coming […]




10 Reasons Why You’re Never Too Old to Dress Up for Halloween


Nina dobrev halloween costume

Photo Credit: ELLE It’s almost Halloween, and as is the case every year, I am way more excited than all of my friends. I am one of those people who gets REALLY into Halloween. Now that I’m college though, I see fewer and fewer people getting all ghouled up. Sure, people get into it if […]



Fashion Inspired by Art: 3 Halloween Costume Ideas


Degas halloween singer outfit

Photo Credit Y’all got your Halloween costumes figured out yet? lol, me neither. Costume planning works one of two ways for me – I either plan for MONTHS, like last year when my friend and I were Tina and Louise from Bob’s Burgers (I was Tina, because Tina), or I slap something together in the […]