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Fashion Inspired by Art: Hasegawa Tohaku’s “Pine Trees”

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Hasegawa tohaku pine trees

Even though fall is my favorite season, I still love winter. I love bundling up and dressing in layers, I love how beautiful snow is, I love the holidays. By February, though… I’m ready for spring. It’s cold. It’s dreary. And if I have to scrape off my car again I will FLIP A TABLE. […]




Trend Watch: Art-Inspired Graphic Tops


Polyvore Haring Crop Top

Photos Courtesy of: 1. Forever 21, 2. Uniqlo, 3. Forever 21 Graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts have always been around; they are the perfect foundation for a casual outfit. There’s the ever popular band tee, as well as tops with typography, cartoons, and cities plastered on them. Been there, done that. We need a new take […]



Fashion Inspired by Art: Carel Fabritius’ “The Goldfinch”


Goldfinch painting 2

Waaaaay back in July, CF reader Shawna asked me to do a post inspired by Carel Fabritius’ “The Goldfinch,” which I promised I would do… after I read the book which piqued her interest in the painting: Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer prize-winning novel of the same name. Because I’m literally the slowest reader ever, (my deepest, darkest, […]