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3 Tech Accessories to Upgrade Your Desk Space


Laptop stand

Photo Credit Although many of us still prefer real books over Kindles and pen-and-paper over tablet-and-stylus, there’s no doubt that technology has played an absolutely staggering role in shaping our learning experiences through college and beyond. Long gone are the days when a notebook and pen were the only tools we had on hand during […]




5 Cool & Affordable Earring Pairings for Girls with Multiple Piercings


Multiple earring look

Photo Credit: ELLE In many ways, great fashion is all about the details. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – little personal touches make you love your outfit even more and add a really special dynamic to it. One way that I see girls adding interest to their everyday looks is by […]



DIY Tutorial: Customizable Bow

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Diy custom bow header

One of my closest friends has been experimenting with her style recently, and the best terminology we have come up with to describe her so far is “hipster grandpa.” She recently acquired a pair of suspenders and a bow tie, and slightly frustrated, complained to me about the lack of bow ties for purchase. I, […]