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Celebrity Street Style of the Week: Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, & Ashlee Simpson


Celebrity street style of the week: Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, and Ashlee Simpson

Every week, I scour the web to find inspiring outfits on your favorite celebs and help you recreate their looks! This week, I was inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, and Ashlee Simpson. Read on to see how you can get their looks for yourself.

Look 1: Sarah Jessica’s Bold Colors

Sarah Jessica Parker
Photo Credit

Sarah Jessica Parker (although in my mind, I still always think of her as Carrie Bradshaw) was out and about in New York this week wearing what I would call a Carrie-inspired look consisting of a striped dress, a long blue velvet jacket, a purple scarf, a red handbag, and black ankle boots.

Sounds like a whole lot of colors, right? But somehow, Sarah Jessica works the proportions to turn them all into a fashion-forward look.

Outfit Inspired by Sarah Jessica:

SJP Outfit

Dress, Scarf, Sweater, Bag, Boots

To recreate SJP’s look, any kind of body-hugging striped dress will do — the sleeve length does not matter! Next, for a more mainstream approach to the blue velvet jacket, try a long blue sweater for a similar effect. You may be wondering, is it appropriate to mix blue with black? The answer is yes! The old “no blue with black” sentiment is a completely outdated fashion rule, and as SJP shows us, it’s totally fine (and fashion-forward) to wear the two shades together!

A red handbag and black booties complete the ensemble. I thought Sarah Jessica’s beautiful ankle boots were a bit dressy for a daytime look for the average college girl (although she rocks them!), so instead I opted for some suede lace-up ankle boots with a trendy stacked heel.

Look 2: Jessica’s Rainy Day Outfit

Jessica Alba
Photo Credit

We can always count on Jessica Alba to rock fresh looks that combine comfort with style.

Lately it’s been rainy on the East Coast, and in such gloomy weather, it is always tempting to just throw on leggings, rain boots, and a sweatshirt. But as Jessica shows us, it’s easy to infuse your rainy-day look with style. Above, she is wearing skinny jeans, rain boots (with exposed socks), a tunic, a belted coat, a chain strap cross-body bag and floral scarf. Also note that her hair is in a chic chignon — a stylish way to deal with frizz!

Outfit Inspired by Jessica:

Jessica Alba Outfit

Jeans, Top, Jacket, Scarf, Rain Boots, Socks, Bag

The outfit itself is simple, but little touches like the floral scarf and berry-hued cross-body bag, add flair. The long socks from Free People are so cool — you can have these peeking over the Sperry Top-Sider rain boots and over your skinny jeans — and they feature a faire isle print which adds a bit of pattern to the look. Underneath, a gray tunic is comfy but has sparkly seams to make it more glam.

Jessica rocked an amazing belted coat with an enhanced lapel, but unfortunately, finding a coat exactly like hers was difficult. Keep your eyes peeled for similar coats – my search turned up empty, but I’ll let you guys know if I find one! In the meantime, this gray blazer/jacket combo with a similarly belted waist is an excellent stand in. Rain? Bring it on!

Look 3: Ashlee’s Walk on the Wild Side

Ashlee Simpson
Photo Credit

Ashlee Simpson debuted a new hairstyle this week – a short pixie cut. This haircut is a hot trend right now, as seen on celebs like Emma Watson and Carey Mulligan. But whether you love or hate Ashlee’s new hair, it’s hard not to adore her stylish outfit, consisting of gray skinny jeans, a black crew neck sweater, a faux-leopard jacket, black ankle boots, a red cross-body bag, and a black fedora.

I chose this look because I see it as a bit of a fashion challenge, since a faux-leopard jacket is a daring outerwear choice. I also found it to be reminiscent of Kate Moss’s style; she is always rocking the skinny-pant-animal-print-jacket-and-ankle-boots combo as well.

Outfit Inspired by Ashlee

Ashlee Simpson Outfit

Fedora hat, Sweater, Jeans, Boots, Bag, Jacket

With a few tweaks on Ashlee’s look, you too can achieve a London street style-esque ensemble.

A basic black crew neck sweater and black felt fedora are musts for this look, as is a red cross-body bag, to add some color. Next, I wanted jeans a bit darker than Ashlee’s, and these skinny jeans from Gap come in a cool “black coated wash,” giving them almost a leather-like look. (And we know how popular the leather trend is right now!)

Instead of Ashlee’s plain black booties, I chose a wedge boot for this look, which is a funkier and better-suited match for the outfit. You also could go with a lace-up bootie, if that’s more your style. Finally, add the wild faux-fur leopard print jacket, and you will be sure to stand out in any crowd!

What do you think?

Which celebrity’s street style look is your favorite? Which outfit would you wear? Leave a comment and let us know!

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9 Responses to “Celebrity Street Style of the Week: Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, & Ashlee Simpson”

  1. 1
    October 17th, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    I only like SJP’s look. Different and fun. Love it when people use color in fall/winter! Makes it all a little warmer, happier and fun :) Alba is very plain and boring and Ashlee looks weird. I though it was Samantha Ronson at first! I don’t think that whole London-chic Mossy style suits her. It looks fake on her.

  2. 2
    October 17th, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    I like all of these looks! So cute :)

  3. 3
    October 17th, 2010 at 4:34 pm

    i love all of ‘em except i don’t like the faux-leopard print coat in the last one! it’s just too outrageous for me but i love the other ones! :)
    xoxo, kylie

  4. 4
    October 17th, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    I like a little something in each look but I would say I love Jessica look the best. I can see me given that look a try out. But i must say if I was to take a step on my wild side I would surely go for Ashlee’s look defently.

  5. 5
    October 17th, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    I agree with Vera. None of these are really my style, but I do like certain elements. And overall, per usual, I like your interpretations better than the celebrities’. Good job, Demi!

  6. 6
    October 17th, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    i love the leopard jacket on ashlee simpson :]]]
    leopard print= love :]]]

    charlotte xxx

  7. 7
    October 17th, 2010 at 9:56 pm

    I love Sarah Jessica Parker’s the best out of the other two outfits since the clothes has pops of color while the others don’t. I think Ashlee Simpson looks better with Black hair which make her big blue eyes pop:)

  8. 8
    October 17th, 2010 at 11:20 pm

    wow! what great ideas! i love everything! I especially loved Jessica’s look–in fact, thanks so much for the inspiration–I just bought rain boots and they are a little short but adding the socks is exactly what I need to do. I also have a wool grey short jacket so I can recreate this look. thanks for the help. This is crazy, but I was about to buy the exact beige leopard faux fir jacket, but I was worried that my BFF would hate it–but now that you showcase it, I want it more! Thanks for all the great looks!

  9. 9
    October 17th, 2010 at 11:20 pm

    i love all three of the looks u picked out her

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