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Celebrity Street Style of the Week: Lauren Conrad, Miranda Kerr, & Jessica Alba


Celebrity Street Style: Lauren Conrad, Miranda Kerr, & Jessica Alba

Every week, I scour the web to find inspiring outfits on your favorite celebs and help you recreate their looks! This week, I was inspired by Lauren Conrad, Miranda Kerr, and Jessica Alba. Read on to see how you can get their looks for yourself.

Look 1: Lauren Conrad’s Cute Casual Look

Lauren Conrad wearing a t shirt, light was jeans, a gray scarf, a black bag and nude flip flops
Photo: Pacific Coast News

Lauren Conrad is a master of girly yet laid back California style, and she rocks this look even when she is traveling. Spotted at an airport, LC looked super cute in a casual look consisting of a light-colored t-shirt, some straight-leg jeans in a light wash, an oversize gray scarf, black bags, and some nude flip flops.  Lauren’s look is perfect for spring thanks to the fit of her jeans and the airy, light color palette of her ensemble.

Outfit Inspired Lauren

Lauren Conrad Outfit
Jeans, Top, Scarf, Mocassins, Bag, Sunglasses

Lauren’s look is the perfect way to be comfy while looking super cute at the same time.  Some straight leg jeans are a more relaxed alternative to skinny jeans, and can be made super chic with the right accessories.A luxe gray scarf, cool sunglasses, and a big black statement bag all make the look stand out.

You could wear any type of shoe with this outfit – flip flops or ballet flats would be great for maximum comfort in warm temperatures, but heeled ankle booties would add a dressier vibe and work great in the northern parts of the country. However, I love this look best with some suede moccasins – these camel-colored ones add some extra flair while keeping with the comfy vibe.

Look 2: Miranda Kerr is Lovely in Leopard

Miranda Kerr wearing a leopard print sweater, dark skinny jeans, a black tank top, black flats, a black satchel, and some cool sunglasses
Photo: Pacific Coast News

Miranda Kerr is always on the go thanks to her jet-setting supermodel lifestyle, so she’s an expert at knowing how to look put-together at all times. Like Lauren, she was spotted at the airport, rocking a relaxed look that was super sassy thanks to her eye-catching leopard print sweater. She paired the wild cardigan with some dark skinny jeans, a black tank top, black flats, a black satchel bag, and some cool colored sunglasses.

Outfit Inspired by Miranda

Miranda Kerr Outfit
Sweater, Tank top, Jeans, Flats, Bag, Sunglasses

Miranda’s look proves that a basic outfit – dark skinny jeans and a plain black tank top – can be totally transformed by just one cool piece, like a bold leopard print cardigan. Suddenly, the look takes on an ultra-chic vibe, especially when paired with accessories like a black quilted shoulder bag and some cool colored shades. Black ballet flats are the perfect finishing touch, as they, like the ensemble, are the perfect combination of comfort and style.

Look 3: Jessica Alba’s Bold, Bright Look

Jessica Alba wearing a bright yellow sweater, destroyed jeans, black moto boots, a black satchel, and some blue plastic sunglasses
Photo: Pacific Coast News

Jessica Alba is always experimenting with new looks and trends, and she stood out on the streets of LA this week in a bright yellow sweater. She paired her bold knit with some destroyed, slim-fitting jeans, black moto boots, a black satchel, some blue plastic sunglasses, and a statement necklace. Personally, I don’t know if I would be drawn to such a bright sweater when shopping, but Jessica’s outfit has inspired me to seek one out!

Outfit Inspired by Jessica

Jessica Alba Outfit
Sweater, Necklace, Jeans, Boots, Sunglasses, Bag

Jessica’s simple ensemble is anything but basic thanks to a brightly-colored sweater and standout accessories like turquoise sunglasses, studded moto boots, and a statement necklace. In addition, this outfit is perfect for spring, since it’s warm enough to wear in still-wintery weather (just add a coat) but the bright colors keep it fun. This type of outfit would be perfect for a day of classes or shopping.

What do you think?

Which celebrity’s street style look is your favorite? Which outfit would you be most likely to wear? Leave a comment and let us know!

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5 Responses to “Celebrity Street Style of the Week: Lauren Conrad, Miranda Kerr, & Jessica Alba”

  1. 1
    March 18th, 2013 at 5:18 pm

    Love this post, Lauren is one of my style icons and her ensembles are always inspiring!

  2. 2
    March 18th, 2013 at 7:58 pm

    I find it interesting that cf has articles about how important the right colors are for an outfit and ‘finding your perfect shades’ is one of the CF Faves yet in the past 20!! celebrity street style articles, no women of color have been showcased. I’ve submitted comments similar to this before that were moderated and never posted, here’s another.
    I love the street style posts, but unfortunately, many of these awesome outfits that accentuate these celebrities shapes, skin tones and hair, would simply wash me out, (IE Lauren’s very chic ensemble).

  3. 3
    March 18th, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    Annie – Thank you for your comment! I don’t know which other comments you’re referring to (maybe they were marked as spam?) but I really appreciate you bringing this to my attention. I assure you that it was not a purposeful oversight, although I know that doesn’t make up for it.

    While I do not personally pick the girls for these posts, I can explain that there are three factors that dictate who we feature: photo availability (we only work with one photography agency due to budget concerns, so we have to pick from just their photos), awesomeness of the outfit (definitely more subjective), and timeliness (we want current outfits – if someone wore something three weeks ago, we usually won’t feature it). Race really has nothing to do with it. Although you’re right about these posts featuring more white girls (though isn’t Jessica Alba considered a woman of color, as a latina?), I can assure you that it’s not purposeful and is really about the availability of photos. I’ll definitely chat with Demi about it, though, and make sure we make a concerted effort to feature a wider range of skin tones in future Celeb Street Style posts. We definitely don’t want any of our readers to feel left out!

  4. 4
    March 19th, 2013 at 12:15 am

    The Lauren Conrad outfit is awesome! Totally something I would wear!

  5. 5
    March 20th, 2013 at 1:56 am

    Zephyr- Thanks for your quick and well thought out reply. My previous comments may have been caught by your spam filter, no worries.
    I know it’s nothing that is done intentionally, but it was something that happened often enough to be noticed. Your site is a favorite and your effort is appreciated.

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