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Hautelinks: Week of 2/17/11


Hautelinks - your weekly source for the best of the web

* Did Brad Goreski Steal Demi Moore from Rachel Zoe? Scandalous!

* Stylelist will help you keep your hair in shape with tips on how to prevent split ends. The list is pretty extensive – there were definitely a few ideas I hadn’t heard before!

* The Best Questions for a First Date, from OKCupid, will help you find out whether you and your date are compatible. Hint: his or her answer to the question “Do you like horror movies?” is more important than you think. So interesting.

* Haha, CollegeHumor has your winter weather forecast. So true!

* One of our favorite celeb-turned-designers, Victoria Beckham, recently dished to David Letterman about her Fall 2011 collection, her 100th dress, and more! Check out the video of her appearance here.

* The Huffington post asks: Is Fashion Week Good for Body Image?

* If you’re like me and have been dying to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park, if only to try their version of Butterbeer, this DIY Butterbeer recipe will make your life. I can’t wait to try this!

* Did Rihanna’s new video rip off David LaChapelle? He certainly thinks so! I have to say, I definitely see the similarities.

* CollegeCandy has a list of the best Youtube proposals ever in light of this past Valentine’s Day. Awww!

* Also from CollegeCandy, 8 Friends Not to Bring on Spring Break. Okay, following this advice will probably eliminate 99% of your friends from your Spring Break plans, but it’s still funny.

* 20 Examples of Great Fashion Illustrations. I want all of these framed on my wall!

* This would make SUCH a cute gift idea, and looks pretty easy to do, too: DIY Snowglobes!

* Super weird but interesting: An organization called Face Research has found the “average” female face of 41 different countries. It’s fascinating to look at the subtle differences between faces from similar geographic locations.

* Refinery 29 has NY Fashion Week street style covered! See: Stalking the Coolest Bags at Fashion Week, and Stalking the Best Fashion Week Shoes.

* Tips for buying Asian beauty products online. Asian brands can have the most amazing products, but they can definitely be tough to find (without breaking the bank)!

* Shine lists 3 Surprising Spring 2011 Fashion Trends. I’d be willing to try the red pants or white pumps, but the third option gets a big thumbs down in my book…

* Valentine’s Day has come and passed, but here are seven dating tips you can use any time of the year.

* Hahaha: Ken and Barbie: We’re Back Together! “Our love is grander than any dream house.”

* Also dating-related: When Should You Say “I Love You”?

* And on a much more cynical note, The Frisky has A Heart Diagram That Makes Sense.

* Teacher Defends Blog That Insulted Students. Whoever you side with, this goes to show that you should never post anything online that you wouldn’t want everyone you know to read. That stuff ALWAYS gets found, and it ALWAYS ends badly.

* Even though it’s not even really Spring yet, with New York Fashion Week over and fashion weeks across the globe starting soon, it’s already time to talk Fall 2011 trends!

* Design*Sponge did a great post on fashion and decor inspired by Bonnie & Clyde. Love this!

* If you’re a photography buff, you’ll love this: Bokeh Masters Kit is basically a group of shapes you attach to your camera’s lens to create interesting bokeh effects in fun shapes like hearts, stars, etc. I want one!

* Last month, the government released some new dietary guidelines. Some may be common sense, but it never hurts to have another reminder.

* And if you’re trying to eat healthier but still need your sugar fix, That’s Fit has a list of the 14 best-tasting “guilt free” desserts.

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2 Responses to “Hautelinks: Week of 2/17/11”

  1. 1
    February 17th, 2011 at 11:00 pm

    Great links! I always love this feature :)

  2. 2
    February 18th, 2011 at 6:24 am

    I’ve been showing that “average” female face of 41 different countries to everyone I know in the last few weeks lol! It’s cool that you posted it up on here too :) Great minds think alike haha ;)

    I don’t look anything like the English girl, though… I’ve got warm dark brown (well, it’s ombre atm lol) hair and eyes and tanned skin :/ Apparently there’s Italian in my heritage as well as Irish, Welsh and Scottish but that’s probably just a rumour as no-one knows who that Italian person is lol xxxx

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