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Hautelinks: Week of 2/14/13

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* Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! If it’s gonna be movie night for you, The Fashion Spot has a “Marry, Screw, or Kill” rundown of some options on Instant Watch.

* Also V-Day-related: Which ’90s Dreamboat is YOUR Perfect Valentine? (I got my childhood crush, Pacey, so this is basically the most accurate test ever.)

* These morse code nails are beyond cute – what a sweet idea!

* Why You’re So Afraid of Change (And What You Can Do About It), from Lifehacker. Applicable to everyone.

* Harry Potter gets new book covers for his 15th anniversary. HP fans, what do you think? Do you like the Sorcerer’s Stone cover?

* Wow! Stylecaster has 101 fashion tips and tricks that every girl should know.

* 22 Makeup Shades That Look Good On Every Single Skin Tone, from Glamour.

* The WSJ did an interesting piece on historical hairstyles.

* With NYFW over, NY Mag recaps the best moments from this past weekend’s festivities – it’s a great insiders look into fashion week.

* The NY Times talks about the madness of fashion week and what it means to be a critic:

Whether it is the sharp Susie Bubble or the bright Tavi Gevinson, judging fashion has become all about me: Look at me wearing the dress! Look at these shoes I have found! Look at me loving this outfit in 15 different images!

* The New York Times has some tips on using winter fruits in desserts – great for those of you with a sweet tooth (and kitchen access).

* 7 Less-Than-Romantic Valentine’s Day Promotions, from MentalFloss. Oh my god, some of these are awful!

* In case you missed them, the Grammy awards were this past weekend… and Buzzfeed has everything you need to know, in .gif format.

* Also, from Stylelist, the most daring and risky Grammy fashions of all time.

* 5 Hilarious Reasons Publishers Rejected Classic Best Sellers, from Cracked. The Harry Potter one never ceases to amaze me!

* In case you want to kill a few minutes, we recommend InStyle’s “Instant Stylist” game, which puts your fashion styling skills to the test.

* Oh my god, there is so much to love about Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces – so funny and oddly hypnotizing.

* Birchbox shows you how to find the perfect awards show for your personality type.

* Late-20s Rut Busting: Identify Sneaky Time Wasters, from HelloGiggles. Helpful no matter what age you are!

* From Men’s Health, how to instantly fake a vintage t-shirt. Pretty brilliant!

* Fascinating: 20 Words You Didn’t Know Were Inspired by People, from FlavorWire.

* BuzzFeed has 40 amazing examples of coffee foam art. Tell me I’m not the only one who is ALWAYS impressed by these – it’s the little things in life!

* 7 Things You Still Have Time to Learn, from Thought Catalog.

* We just discovered Everything ASOIAF, and if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you will adore it! G.O.T. + Fashion = win.

* These DIY Vintage-Inspired Decorative Letters would be so fun for a dorm room or sorority house!

* Love this: The Met is going PUNK! New York City readers, this looks like a must-see.

* And finally, we present to you, our new favorite Tumblr: Menswear Dog.

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    February 18th, 2013 at 2:14 am

    omg the cute dog!!! i love the animal cuteness at the end

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