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Hautelinks: Week of 5/23/13

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* By now you all know that a massive tornado hit Oklahoma City this week, killing at least 24 people and wounding more than 200. ABC News has a great roundup of ways you can help the victims. (Or, if you don’t want to click over, just text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10.) Every dollar counts, guys! Our hearts go out to all those affected.

* In much lighter news, who else is excited for Sunday (aka Arrested Development Day)? If you are, you’ll love Recurring Developments, “an interactive visualization of running jokes in AD”.

* And then you can go ahead and take Vulture’s Arrested Development Superfan Trivia Quiz!

* Teen Vogue did a fantastic feature on college student street style at campuses across the country, featuring Harvard, CU Boulder, Chicago, Pennsylvania, Georgia, University of Michigan, Yale, and Duke. (We also spotted some photos by our friends at Campus Sartorialist – love it!)

* How cool is this? Stila’s new lip crayon glows under UV light.

* 22 Things Happy People Do Differently. Adore this.

* Oh my god, have the Kleenex ready before you watch this video – tears are guaranteed.

* Wow! This is so cool: Scientists Find Lost Continent on Ocean Floor.

* The 21 Most Awkward Moments in Handshake History. Aaaah, so cringe-worthy.

* The Gloss has a good fashion roundup of the best red carpet looks at Cannes this week.

* For my fellow fans of both video games and baking, we present you an adorable recipe for Kirby Macarons! Holy cute.

* 7 Things Women Will Always Have to Explain to Men, from Thought Catalog. It’s shocking that some guys still don’t understand these things.

* For those of you who are 21-plus, this St. Germain mojito looks like heaven in a glass.

* Fabrican Lets You Spray on Clothes, from Wired. This is like that AE ad come to life.

* Alterations Needed did a great post on “Wardrobe Upgrades” and I love the philosophy behind it! This would be great for a recent grad looking to take her style to the next level.

* 7 Totally Wearable, Non-Dorky Alma Mater-Themed Gifts That Won’t Make You Look Like an Extra in Old School, from Glamour. Long title, cute post.

* On a completely opposite note, here are the 14 WORST Graduation Gifts, from Lucky.

* 21 More Dating Truths We All Need to Realize, from Thought Catalog. Really true.

* Wow, Sally Ride is such an inspiration.

* It was just announced that Rooney Mara will be the new face of Calvin Klein fragrances. Love this pick!

* If you follow the old “no white before Memorial Day” rule, then Betty Confidential has 12 wonderful white pieces to wear next week.

* 5 Brilliant Clues Hidden in the Background of Movies. Wow, I’ve seen all five of these movies multiple times and didn’t put any of these together.

* Also from Cracked, The 6 Most Baffling Marketing Disasters by Famous Companies. Wow!

* Okay, one more from Cracked because why not: 27 Dark Sides of Cartoon Universes You Never Got to See.

* We love American Apparel’s clothes, but their ads are undeniably sexist. This post (WARNING NSFW!!!!!) is pretty solid proof of the double standard in effect.

* Speaking of a brand with a controversial advertising strategy, Abercrombie for the Homeless is an interesting video campaign that goes against the brand’s “exclusive” image, and, incidentally, has become pretty controversial itself.

* McDonald’s Employee Spots Her Stolen Car in the Drive-Thru. You couldn’t make this up if you tried.

* Wow, this is cool: Moby Dick-inspired fashion by Elizabeth Alice Crum.

* Such a good summer project for your room: DIY vanity with lights.

* How to Accept Who You Are, from Thought Catalog. So, so important for all of us.

* Lauren Conrad shares 10 Tips for Decorating Your Home From Scratch. (If you’re like all of us, you can substitute “home” for “apartment”.)

* Here’s a super cute Summer Bucket List printable from Whimseybox.

* And finally, it’s not hard to be helpful after all. :)

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