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Hautelinks: Week of 12/26/13

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Hautelinks - your weekly source for the best of the web

* 20 Signs You’re Home for Winter Break, from BuzzFeed.

* Zoella on YouTube has two amazing recipes to try (okay, they’re Xmas-themed but really good for winter in general): Christmas Gingerbread Biscuits and Chocolate. Orange. Hot. Chocolate.

* Wow: Watch The Beautiful First Year of This Preemie Baby’s Life. <3

* How In-Store Analytics Are Changing the Way You Shop. Creepy from a consumer perspective, fascinating from a tech perspective.

* Xmas may be over but you can still channel the holiday in subtle ways all season long. Love it!

* This is beyond cute (and, again, good for anytime, not just xmas): DIY honeycomb photo backdrop.

* Cute idea: Make your own polka-dot tights from an old pair.

* Also loving this DIY glitter ombré dress from Studs and Pearls.

* For holiday party season: Entertaining Tips from 12 Celebrities, via Domaine Home.

* And if you’re throwing a NYE bash, you should definitely make this DIY 2014 garland to decorate.

* Does your dialect reveal where you’re from? Take the quiz over at! This was crazy accurate for me.

* The Beauty Department shows you how to get a wide-eyed look, perfect for those days when you wish you had gotten a little more sleep.

* I’m sure we all know someone (likely male) we’d like to send this to: How to tell if you’ve put on too much perfume or cologne, from Lifehacker.

* Hahah, this is perfection: Cara Delevingne Modeled for ASOS, Didn’t Seem to Enjoy It.

* Agreed wholeheartedly: 7 Reasons The Baby-Sitter’s Club Will ALWAYS Be The Best YA Book Series.

* Woah. This report on lead contamination in fashion accessories may have you re-thinking that $5 red patent belt.

* Hahaha: Do you dress like Han Solo?

* How to Look Put-Together At All Times, from WhoWhatWear. The scarf/blazer thing is always a great go-to.

* Also from WWW, the cold weather outfit trick you should try right now. (Okay, it’s probably more of a “cool” weather outfit trick.)

* And for truly cold weather, R29 has blizzard essentials for a white winter.

* Also from R29, the eBay search terms that dig up gold. Who knew?

* 1 Question to Breakup Recovery, from Verily. Powerful stuff!

* HuffPo breaks down the science of the selfie.

* 6 Dreams Everyone Has and How to Actually Achieve Them, from Thought Catalog.

* For science fans with lots of time to kill over break: Top Science LongReads of 2013, via National Geographic.

* Alexa Chung demonstrates her cat eye technique for Vogue.

* This giant cinnamon roll cake is the perfect recipe to try for breakfast over break.

* And speaking of recipes, who knew you could bake an apple pie inside an apple for a single-serving treat? So genius.

* For word nerds, The Atlantic asks: Is “delightful” the new “cool”?

* Love this: Someone on Reddit dug up a Newsweek article from 1995 that scoffs at the idea of the internet and is hilarious to read now. Just wonderful (err, delightful).

* 7 Privileges Children Have That Should Belong to College Students. I’ve had surprising good luck with the kids meal one – 90% of places don’t seem to follow the “age restrictions”.

* 10 Drinks for Any Party, from Food 52.

* How cute are these peppermint swirl candy nails? Trying ASAP.

* And finally…. Elf, as told by pugs!

* Okay, one more: 20 Day-Old Husky Pup Learns to Howl with His Human. Eeeeee!

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    December 26th, 2013 at 4:59 pm

    The dialect thing placed my #1 city as my hometown. SO THAT’S WEIRD. Lol!!

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