What to Wear in Winter - Cute Outfits for Cold Weather

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Last week I wrote about How to Dress Well in Cold Weather, and a few of you asked to see some examples of cute winter outfits.

While you should always be true to your own personal style, here are a few of my ideas for fabulous wintertime looks that won't break the bank.


Outfit #1 - Elegant & Simple

This is an outfit that anyone could pull off. By pairing a neutral gray jacket with skinny jeans and some simple black boots, it's sophisticated and easy to wear for almost any occasion. The addition of a patent leather bag and purple ombre scarf add a little bit of interest without overwhelming the look.

Winter Outfit

Product Information: Bag - $34.80 at Forever 21, Cropped Trench Coat - $39.99 at Charlotte Russe, Jeans - $29.99 at Charlotte Russe, Scarf - $9.80 at Forever 21, Boots - $32.80 at Forever 21


Outfit #2 - Uptown Girl

This look would be perfect for the fashionista who appreciates interesting cuts and luxe materials, and who isn't afraid to play with a little color. The standout piece in this look is the lavender trench coat with corset details, but the teal scarf really makes it pop. The shiny bag and boots add a little extra interest for an outfit that commands attention.

Cute Winter Outfit

Product Information: Purple Trench - $100 at TopShop, Jeans - $29.99 at Charlotte Russe, Scarf - $8.80 at Forever 21, Purse - Nine West - $100 at Zappos.com, Boots - Type Z - $66.90 at Zappos.com


Outfit #3 - Accessory Addicted

This is the perfect look for a girl who loves to accessorize but doesn't want to fuss about her clothes. By keeping the clothing neutral, any accessories added on top really stand out (like the blue boots and green bag.) That's why it's great to invest in a neutral gray or black coat if you want to stretch your budget. Just change the look up by adding a bright scarf, cool boots, or an interesting bag and you'll have a new outfit every day for very little money.

Winter Outfit 3

Product Information: Mittens - $10 at American Eagle, Purse - Jessica Simpson - $98 at Piperlime, Coat - $39.95 at American Eagle, Jeans - $29.99 at Charlotte Russe, Boots - $29.99 at Charlotte Russe


Outfit #4 - Neutral with a Splash of Color

This look is probably closest to what I'd wear on a typical winter day (minus the hat - they don't work on me.) It's super simple to put together and centers around a lot of basics - a gray belted wool coat, adorable fringe boots, gray gloves, and a white hat. To add a little bit of interest, I added a pink scarf that draws attention to the face. You could change this up with a different scarf as often as you wanted for a whole new look. So simple and easy for everyday.

Cute Outfit For Winter

Product Information: Boots - Minnetonka - $55.95 at Zappos.com, Scarf - $9.80 at Forever 21, Coat - $39.80 at Forever 21, Jeans - $24 at H&M, Hat - $12.99 at Charlotte Russe, Gloves - $10 at American Eagle

More Winter Outfits

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What's your favorite winter outfit? Do you love dressing for cold weather or are you counting down the days 'til summer starts?