Girly, Edgy, and Sporty: 3 Ways to Wear a Simple Grey Dress

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We've all been there: you're out on a shopping trip, browsing the racks with your friends, when suddenly - there it is: the PERFECT piece to add to your wardrobe. You buy it immediately and are thrilled until you get it home and realize that you have absolutely no idea how you would ever wear it, or what you would wear it with!

Fortunately, the situation is far from hopeless. When you think about these little "problem pieces", please consider me like your fairy-idea-grandmother. Today, I'm here to show you three stylish ways to wear one dress. Whether your look is girly, edgy, or sporty, it's easy to make anything work with your style using some creativity and a few choice pieces. Ready to see more? Read on!

The Dress:

Grey dress

Dress: Net-A-Porter

One of my most recent "perfect-but-tough-to-wear" purchases was a really cute grey dress. Surprisingly, the dress I picked is really versatile; it even surprised me! This piece is also a great example of something most of us probably already have sitting in our closets. Now, let's talk about how to wear it!

Girly Look:


Product Info: Cardigan, Bag, Shoes, Earrings, Bracelet

This first look I put together is feminine and chic. Because the grey is a neutral, you can feel free to pair whatever colors you wish with it. In this case, I used coral and sea-blue. These two colors complement one another nicely, and kind of remind me of the beach!

Personally, I would wear this outfit on a regular basis; it would be perfect to wear to class, out with friends, or on a date with my boyfriend. Also, I think if you work in an informal setting, it would also be work-appropriate, depending on your dress code.

Edgy Look:


Product Info: Jacket, Shoes, Bracelet, Earrings, Bag

The second look I picked out has a bit more edge to it; it's perfect for a night out on the town with friends. I used all neutrals this time, with pops of metallic and different textures. Because the dress is silk, I used a faux-leather jacket to keep up the luxe feel. The bag here is definitely an interest piece, big enough to hold anything you might need, but the studs and snakeskin print “tough it up.” Finally, I added the cage booties to up the sexy factor - they're very "in" right now and will make your legs look mile-long.

Sporty Look:


Product Info: Jacket, Shoes, Bag, Watch, Earrings

This third look is something I would consider for going to and from the gym, or to and from yoga or dance classes. The dress will look nicer than just wearing gym clothes back and forth (especially after you work out!), and if you’re like me and prefer going to the gym late at night or early in the morning, the track jacket will keep you warm. The shoes are not specifically athletic, but look cute. Again, the ruffles of the dress keep you from looking too “varsity athlete of the year” (not that it's a bad thing!), but the whole combination is still comfortable and cute.

Your Thoughts?

In all of these cases, one thing is abundantly clear: the ability to splurge once, and wear repeatedly is something to keep in mind when you’re working with a shoestring budget. Being a student myself, I never have the money to put together singular outfits, which I wear solely with the pieces they were purchased for, or with. Mixing and matching is essential.

Now I want to know what you think! Do you have a piece like this dress, or for that matter, anything else, that needs a little help?Do you have a "little grey dress?" If so, how do you style it? Let me know with a comment.