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From CollegeCandy: 5 Tips for Writing a Flawless Cover Letter

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Editor’s note: The following post was written by our friends at CollegeCandy. Before clicking over to read the second half, know that some readers found CC’s content/ads to be non-work-safe – just a heads up if you’re at the office or around parents!

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It’s that time of year again. The time when college students across the nation begin to get bombarded with the unavoidable question: “Where are you interning this summer?” We live in a wonderful world where people start looking for summer internships in the heart of winter, and if you aren’t on your game, all the coveted internships will be gone before you can say “May.” And so the crusade of endless cover letters, resumes and applications begin!

Normally we think of the so-called perfect cover letter as one that highlights all our talents, brags about every activity we have ever done and shows that we are a perfect match for the job. Okay, I think you should sit down for the next part of this. It seems that maybe employers aren’t always looking for the “perfect” cover letter. Gasp! At least, top employers on Wall Street seem to think so. Very recently, an undergraduate student sent a very honest and humble cover letter to a Wall Street financial exec saying that he came from an average university and he wasn’t going to waste the employer’s time “inflating his credentials.” The student went on to say that even though he doesn’t have any extraordinary skills or “genius eccentricities,” he is a hard worker and he would be very willing to do anything for next to nothing (e.g. fetching coffee, shining shoes, picking up laundry…).

So this got me thinking. What can we learn from this cover letter, and what are some other good tips (not “perfect” tips) to make a good professional cover letter?


Want to read the tips? Finish reading this post at CollegeCandy!

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