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From CollegeCandy: 10 Celebs With Unexpected College Degrees

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Editor’s note: The following post links to our friends at CollegeCandy. Before clicking over, know that some readers found CC’s content/ads to be non-work-safe – just a heads up if you’re at the office or around parents!

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Famous celebrities undoubtedly have great lives – they’ve got huge bank accounts, sprawling mansions, ridiculously expensive cars, and a truly unfair amount of free designer clothes. However, there’s one thing a lot of them don’t have: a college degree.

The lack of celebrity degrees makes sense when you think about it: If you’ve really made it as an A-lister, then college is hardly a necessity for job success. That’s why it’s all the more impressive when a celeb does make the effort to pursue a higher education and better themselves. And those college-attending celebs? Well, they deserve to be commended…. in blog post form.

So click on over to CollegeCandy for a list of 10 celebs with unexpected college degrees. (Also, you can see an amazing picture of James Franco asleep in lecture!)

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