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3 Tech Accessories to Upgrade Your Desk Space


Laptop stand

Photo Credit Although many of us still prefer real books over Kindles and pen-and-paper over tablet-and-stylus, there’s no doubt that technology has played an absolutely staggering role in shaping our learning experiences through college and beyond. Long gone are the days when a notebook and pen were the only tools we had on hand during […]




5 Things Every Dorm Room Needs

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Photo Credit There is definitely something to be said for the Spartan way of life – simple, clean, no-fuss, and (most importantly) easy to transport from home to school and back again. While I am all for decking out dorm rooms and apartments to the nines, I inevitably feel a creeping sort of dread when […]



3 Chic Home Furnishing Collaborations to Check Out

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Photo Credit Designer collaborations are one of our favorite things here at CF, and there have been some pretty exciting ones in the past – remember the crazy 400-piece Missoni for Target collaboration that threw everyone for a loop a few years ago? While large fashion powerhouses tend to partner with mid-tier department stores for […]