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4 Amazing Drugstore Hair Products to Try


Drugstore Hair Products

When I go to the drugstore to look for new hair products, sometimes I get so overwhelmed with the amount of brands and types of products that I just give up. Or, I just continue to buy the same products over and over again! Well, not anymore. I recently took a trip to my closest […]




Nail Art How-to: Cute Cats

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Cat nail art detail close up

When I was coming up with this nail tutorial, I was a little torn. With the chill of autumn finally starting to set in, I wanted to incorporate a classic fall look, but wasn’t feeling much inspiration to go with it. And then, as my friend’s cat lazily yawned at me from the other side […]



4 Trendy New Nail Polishes for Fall 2014


Fall 2014 nail polishes

Fall colors are my absolute favorite. Dark green, brown, plum, and navy are some of my favorite nail polishes to wear year-round, but sometimes they’re just a bit too dark for summer. So when fall comes around, I’m all about painting my nails and toes those “moody” transitional colors. And of course, throwing on a huge, […]