5 Job Interview Beauty Dos and Don'ts

Makeup for job interviews can be hard to get right. Make a positive first impression with these makeup and hair tips for job and internship interviews.
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Makeup for job interviews can be hard to get right. Make a positive first impression with these makeup and hair tips for job and internship interviews.
Andie in the office in the movie The Devil Wears Prada

As we get closer to the end of the school year, many of us are going on internship/summer job interviews- myself included. On College Fashion, we have already covered How to Dress for a Job Interview and How to Get the Internship of Your Dreams. However, in addition to dressing to impress, your makeup and hair needs to look natural and polished for interview success.

Interview beauty can be tricky because you want to make sure you're making a good impression, while still looking natural and chic. This post will help you achieve the perfect interview look to help you score the job/internship of your dreams!

DO: Wear natural, light makeup!

Although makeup is a great way to your express yourself, no matter what type of interview you're going on, it is best to remain conservative with your makeup. You want your natural beauty to shine through, so keep the makeup light as possible!

Need some product recommendations? Check out my picks below. I chose these products because (with the exception of the foundation and perhaps the lipstick), they are universally flattering for all skin tones and types. These are all gorgeous, natural colors that will help your true beauty shine!

Job interview makeup

Product information: Foundation: Clinique Soft Finish Foundation ($21.00), Eye Shadow: MAC Naked Lunch ($14.50), Nail Polish: OPI Dulce de Leche ($8.50), Lipstick: Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Rosy Nude ($8.99), Blush: NYX Powder Blush in Angel ($5.00)

DON'T: Go all-out with makeup.

I know you want to look your best for your interview, but when it comes to beauty in the workplace, less truly is more. Here are some products I'd recommend you stay away from for a successful interview.


  • Heavy eyeliner
  • Bright colored eye shadow
  • Heavy, caked-on foundation
  • Overly glossed lips
  • Brightly colored nails
  • Anything with glitter in it

DO: Keep hair clean and out of your face.

You may not realize you're doing it, but you're probably guilty of this one: most people fiddle with their hair when they're nervous. Although YOU might not think much of this behavior, for the interviewer, it can become incredibly distracting. So keep your hair swept away from your face during an interview to avoid playing with your strands.

If you have bangs, clip them back with a hair pin so they're out of your face and you won't have to worry about them getting in your way. I do not have bangs but I typically put my hair half-up, half-down because for me that feels the most comfortable. Some girls prefer to put their hair in a bun or a ponytail instead, but that is all up to you. Just make sure that your hair swept back and out of your way.

DON'T: Wear heavy perfume.

The tricky thing about wearing perfume is that you do not really know how strong your scent may be to other people. So always err on the side of "less", if you aren't sure how strong your scent is.

Also, I would advise that the day before your interview, douse yourself with the typical amount of perfume and ask a family member/close friend to tell you how strong it is. This way, you don't want walk into your interview and overpower your interviewer with your perfume.

DO: Be passionate!

"The most beautiful make-up of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy." ~Yves Saint Laurent

No matter how great your outfit or how flawless your makeup is- what's truly going to get you the job is your personality and your passion. When you go into your job interview, show them how passionate and confident you are. First impressions have a big impact indeed, but if you have no passion for your job, nobody is going to want to employ you.

In The Devil Wears Prada, for example, Anne Hathaway character may not have had the exact "look" Runway Magazine was looking for, but she was confident and fought her way through. And ultimately, that is what caught the attention of her boss, Miranda. Have confidence in yourself and show them that you are everything they want in an intern or employee.

Your thoughts?

What kind of beauty products do you wear to job interviews? What do you do to pump yourself for the nerve-racking interview? I would love to hear how all your interviews are going!