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About Whitney

Hi everyone! My name is Whitney. I'm currently a sophomore fashion major at Parsons.

In my free time I like to read (everything from Shakespeare to Sophie Kinsella), peruse magazines/ blogs, wait frantically for the new season of Sherlock to come out (is it this fall or 2014?! ah!), learn new languages (my suitemate's teaching me a bit of Indonesian), dance, listen to music, eat an endless amount of desserts, drink tea, paint (especially of the oil variety), chat/ hang out with friends, attempt to cook, explore cities, travel, visit museums, and watch Disney films (I have an oldie collection of the VHSes).

For my personal style I try to pair contradictory styles and incorporate colors.

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My First Day as a Fashion Design Intern in Shanghai


Shanghai skyline

Photo Credit This summer, I am interning in Shanghai with the up and coming fashion designer Uma Wang. A graduate of the Chinese Textile University and Central Saint Martins, she has stores in Asia, Europe, Russia, and North America. Furthermore, through her unique use of fabrics and attention to detail, she has been acknowledged by CFDA/Vogue to […]




Fashion Sketching 101: How to Draw Fashion Faces


Final fashion face

A few months ago, I taught you how to sketch a fashion figure, and this time I’ll be going into detail on how to draw a fashion face. Unlike with fashion figures, which require exaggerated proportions, the rules for drawing the fashion face are pretty similar to the rules for drawing a realistic one. However, the […]



Fashion Major Life: Sophomore Courses – Spring Semester


History of fashion class

Photo: ELLE Since my post 24 Hours as a Sophomore Fashion Major got so much positive feedback, for this article I decided to go more in-depth and tell you all about specific courses I took this semester at Parsons. Before we get started though, here’s a brief overview of the classes I took during the […]