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About Victoria

I'm Victoria Selzer, a senior at University of California San Diego. I'm planning to graduate June 2013 with a major in Literature/Writing and a minor in Biology.

My fashion philosophy is to build a wardrobe of classic neutral staples, and use accessories or statement pieces to create more impact. I'd rather wait for months, searching and saving for that one particular thing, than buy a decently close replica right away (and I have a pair of perfect mid-calf boots as evidence).

I love yoga, reading marvelous books, and going to the beach. On a good day, I have time to do all three. My online addictions are Cracked, The Beauty DeptPinterest, and of course, CF. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. I'm always open to new ideas!

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Style Remix: Khaki Pants



Photo Credit This time on Style Remix, we’re featuring the classic khaki pant. It comes in all textures and cuts, but can still be surprisingly difficult to style. After all, it tends to be worn as a business casual pant instead of an everyday one, and as college students, our business-casual-dressing events are few and far-between. All […]




Style Remix: The Pocket Blouse


Pocket blouses

Photo: ELLE Here at Style Remix, we love showing you how to get new wear out of your wardrobe staples. This week, we’re featuring the pocket blouse, a classic piece that’s come back into vogue again. There are so many fresh variations in color, print, and fabric available, making it hard to limit your choices to just one! […]



Style Remix: The Denim Jacket


Denim jacket street style

Photos via ELLE This time on Style Remix, we’re featuring the denim jacket. It’s been a classic for years, and works well for both warm and cool weather, making it a stylish and versatile piece to own. If you don’t already have this wardrobe staple, here’s what to look for when buying one: Make sure […]